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Royal College of Pathologists

Information about training in pathology is available on the RCPath website: www.rcpath.org

Subspecialty Advisor for Gynaecological Pathology

The RCPath Cellular Pathology Sub-specialty Advisor in Gynaecological Pathology is:

Dr Raji Ganesan
Department of Cellular Pathology
Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust
Mindelsohn Way
Birmingham B15 2TG
Email: r.ganesan@nhs.net

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National Gynaecological Pathology EQA Scheme

National Gynaecogical pathology external quality assessment scheme


The Scheme is organised from the Pathology Department of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, (LRI site) and is located in the offices of the Leicester University Department of Pathology. The Scheme is currently funded by subscriptions and includes payment for part-time secretarial services as well as consumables and technical staff time. The Scheme is organised by a Consultant Pathologist.

Scheme Organiser:

Dr Jason Wong

Consultant Gynaecological Pathologist

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Scheme administrators:

Ms Loren Whomsley (Scheme Secretary)

Tel: (0116) 258 5599.

Email: eqaadmin@uhl-tr.nhs.uk


Participants are fully trained histopathologists with FRCPath or equivalent. This comprises consultants or honorary consultants with substantial workload component of gynaecological pathology. The consultants may also be the lead pathologist in that speciality or the individual with responsibility for the Multidisciplinary Team Meeting.

How the scheme works:

Participants are requested to contribute cases on a rotational basis. One of the cases must be selected from the routine histopathology specimens submitted as specified in the initial letter. This case is used for scoring. The second case is an educational case and will not be scored. Participants are asked to select an interesting/instructive case they have dealt with recently. There will be one interesting/educational circulation every year where selected pathologists will be invited to submit a non-scoring case of a particular type or theme, e.g. endometrial neoplasia or fallopian tube lesions. The participant enters the relevant clinical information and macroscopic description onto the ‘submit case’ tab at the website www.histopathologyeqa.org. The slides are labelled at the Leicester Royal Infirmary with the next chronological EQA number. Only one representative slide of each case is reviewed and it is the responsibility of the submitting pathologists to review all the submitted slides to ensure that they all show the same diagnostic features and that they are all technically satisfactory.

The results are entered online at www.histopathologyeqa.org

Circulations are held twice a year. The review meetings are held in June and November every year. The response analysis is circulated to participants prior to the review meeting. After the meeting and discussion, participants are sent a post-meeting report. Personalised response analysis for the circulation will be available on the website.

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