Advantages of becoming a member

  • By becoming a member of the BAGP you will join a dynamic group of likeminded pathologists with a shared subspecialist interest.
  • You will receive advance notification of new developments in the specialty.
  • Continued and unlimited access to meeting notes from annual BAGP meetings will be available to all members on the BAGP website.
  • Advance notification of all BAGP annual meetings will be sent to you by email.
  • You will have the opportunity in to participate in joint meetings with other national and international organisations with an interest in gynaecological pathology.
  • You will receive discounted registration fees for all annual meetings and courses.
  • The annual membership fee is modest (currently £40/annum set to increase to £80/annum on 1st April 2018).
  • The BAGP ACCEA Subcommittee has an established process for reviewing and supporting applications from members for Clinical Excellence Awards.  

We value our members. Every member of the BAGP serves to strengthen the identity of gynaecological pathology within the UK and its influence nationally and internationally