About us

What is The British Association of Gynaecological Pathologists?

The objectives of the Association are to promote the health of women by the study of the pathology of gynaecological diseases, to advance the knowledge and practice of gynaecological pathology and improve the accuracy of pathological diagnosis.
To fulfill its objectives, the Association will: -
  • Hold meetings in the United Kingdom or abroad where persons (whether or not members of the Society) interested and concerned with such objectives may discuss them.
  • Facilitate communication between pathologists by organisation of meetings and promulgating research findings.
  • Foster and provide leadership in the development of research in gynecological disease.
  • Promote the organization and improvement of training in this discipline
  • Provide advice to other relevant societies, professional organisations or individuals regarding issues related to gynaecological pathology
  • Engage in any other activities which in the opinion of the Association might further its objectives.